By signing up to any Cape Town Open Water Swim Co. course, program or event, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Fitness for exercise: You agree that you are physically and mentally fit to take part in physical activity, and that you do not have any known health conditions, risk factors or symptoms that may put you at risk while taking part in exercise.

Consent to digital communication: As part of your chosen program or activity it may required to communicate using digital / electronic platforms as a method of communication. Your information may need to be captured, stored and possibly shared using third-party platforms (Gmail, WhatsApp, Skype, DropBox, Xero, etc.), remaining compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Confidentiality of course content: All course content that has been developed by Cape Town Open Water Swim Co. is copyright protected. By receiving access to online course content, you agree to keep this content to yourself, and refrain from duplicating or sharing content in any way.

Safety and risk: There are inherent risks involved with any physical activity.
By selecting this program or activity, you declare that you are participating in this exercise program voluntarily, that you accept all risks and will not hold Cape Town Open Water Swim Co. or any associated parties liable for any injury, damages or loss which may arise from participation in Cape Town Open Water Swim Co. activities or as a result of following guidance or advice, whether online or in person.