Robben Island Readiness Course


    12-Week online advanced training plan for experienced open water swimmers.


    Robben Island Readiness Course

    Do you have a goal of swimming the iconic Robben Island 7.4km crossing or a similar long-distance event? Turn your dream into reality with our Robben Island Readiness Course. This online plan will strategically guide you through the training process and provide the necessary tools to help you reach your swimming goal.


    Who is this Course For?

    This course is for experienced open water swimmers who wish to train for a 7km+ open water swim. If you’re taking on your first long distance swim, or would like to improve your performance in the water, then this course is for you.


    Course Description:

    • Online Advanced Swim Training Plan for experienced open water swimmers.
    • 12 Modules of course content including articles, videos and downloadable PDF documents.
    • Work through the course at your own pace (recommended time is 12 weeks, but this can be adjusted).
    • Training guidance based on sport science principles, including weekly swim goals and pool programs.
    • Strength & Conditioning program from a Biokineticist to boost your performance.
    • Nutrition and race fueling guidance from a Dietitian experienced in open water swimming.
    • Expert tips on cold adaptation, swim technique, injury prevention and more.


    Course Requirements:

    To take part in this course, you need to be:

    1. Comfortable swimming 1.6km in open water and currently swimming an average of at least 5km per week (combination of pool and open water).
    2. Free from injuries and serious health conditions.
    3. Able to commit to 4 sessions per week (1-2 hours per session).


    Additionally, you will need access to:

    • Internet and/or email, as you’ll work through the modules online, and a weekly training plan will be sent to your email address.
    • A safe outdoor swimming location, such a dam, tidal pool or the ocean. Access to a heated pool for additional fitness training is recommended.


    Please note that this Training Plan excludes physical swimming sessions. If you would like to join us for open water swims, please have a look at joining our Cape Town Swim Group.


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