Essential Trail Running Gear

Trail running gear spread out including backpack shoes and jacket

So you’re planning to head out to the mountain, what trail running gear do you need to take with you?

Weather conditions can change very quickly, so it is essential to be prepared for adverse conditions, even if it seems like a sunny day.

Here is a list of essential and recommended trail running gear to make your outdoor experience as enjoyable and safe as possible.

You Trail Running Gear Essentials

  • Make sure to wear comfortable running shoes with good grip on the soles.
  • Shorts/tights and a shirt made with breathable material, to evaporate sweat and dry quickly when wet.
  • A rain/water proof jacket – certain climates are known to have four seasons in one day, so always be prepared for weather changes.
  • Water, at least 500ml – there are often streams in the mountain in winter, but it’s always good to carry some water in case the streams run dry.
  • Cell phone – make sure at least one person in the group has a charged phone in case of an emergency. 

Recommended Extra Gear

  • A small snack, such as a banana or energy bar. For runs lasting longer than 60-90 minutes, it is recommended to refuel to keep your energy levels up.
  • First aid kit which includes a space blanket and bandages – to deal with trips and falls.
  • A headlamp, especially if you are starting the run in the afternoon/evening.
  • A whistle – if you somehow get stuck on the mountain, this is a great piece of equipment to make your location known to others.
  • Extra layers to keep you warm in cold climates: buff, beanie, gloves, base layer.
  • ID tag – Displaying your emergency contact details, blood group, allergies or any other vital medical information. 

Safety First

Apart from packing your essential trail running gear, always head out in a group and make sure to let someone know your planned route. 

Remember, safety first! 

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