Mind Training for Open Water Swimming

Mental Preparation Floating in the Sea

When training for a long distance event, emphasis is often placed on physical preparation – getting the body as fit and strong as possible. While it is essential to build up your physical fitness, mind training for open water swimming should not be neglected.

Here are our top tips to help prepare you mentally for your open water swimming event.

5 Mind Training Tips for Open Water Swimming

  1. Trust in your training. If you have put in the hours to build up your swimming fitness and cold exposure over the last few months, you are well prepared for what lies ahead. The hard work will pay off!
  2. Prepare a list of positive thoughts that you can think about along the way to keep your mind occupied. Examples are people, music, experiences, previous swims, or anything that excites or inspires you.
  3. Practise overcoming challenges you may experience during the swim. You will get cold and your arms will get tired, but don’t let this overwhelm you. Think about previous times you experienced these challenges and remember how you overcame them.
  4. What are your reasons for doing the event? When you’re struggling, remind yourself of the reasons that you’re doing this, and how amazing you’ll feel once you’ve achieved your goal.
  5. Visualise your swim. Run the process through your mind from the start all the way to seeing yourself stepping out on the beach at the end! You need to believe in yourself, believe that you can do it, and you will.

Take 10 minutes every day from now until the event day to practise these mind training tips. Find a quiet space, relax and focus on your breath.

You’ll be surprised how much this mind training helps in preparation for your open water swim. What the mind believes it can achieve, so go out and achieve your goal!

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