5 Steps to Becoming an Open Water Swimmer

open water swimmers in clear shallow water

Do you have what it takes to become an open water swimmer?

Are you an aspiring open water swimmer? Before you take the plunge, make sure you can tick off these 5 essentials.

1.       Find Your Why

What is your reason for taking on this new journey? By identifying your “why”, you’ll have a clearer vision of your goal, and will be more likely to stick to it when times get tough. During your open water swimming journey there will be moments of pure bliss and times of challenge, but you can be sure that it’ll be worth it.


2.      Build your Baseline Fitness Level

A solid foundation is needed to work your way toward swimming in open water. If you’re new to swimming, give yourself enough time to gradually build up your fitness in a controlled pool environment before venturing into the unknown. Additional technique, strength and flexibility training is also recommended. 


3.       Remain Cool and Calm

The number one priority when entering an open water swimming environment is safety. Before you head down to the shore, make sure you are familiar with the tides, currents, waves and weather patterns. Conditions can also change very rapidly, so look at the forecast ahead of time. If you’re unsure, check with someone who knows about the ocean such as your local lifesaving club or sea rescue institute.


4.       Gain Gradual Exposure to Cold Water

The biggest challenge of open water swimming in the ocean is to master the cold. For skins swimmers (non-wetsuit swimmers), all you’re equipped with is a costume, cap and goggles. The key is to gradually adapt your mind and body to the cold by frequent cold exposure. Start by taking a cold shower!


5.       Find Your Community of Open Water Swimmers


And last but not least, an essential part of your open water experience is your tribe of swimmers. Apart from the safety aspect, those who are crazy enough to be taking this journey with you will keep you coming back for more, week after week.

Start your Open Water Swimming journey today!

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